Entering A Case

To enter a new case into the system just select the client that you want to link the case to and then select what type of product you want to enter. To do this all you have to do is click the Add New Product button.

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If you want to create a Mortgage case the system automatically asks you to create an IDD. At this point it gives you three options:

  1. Create an IDD from Template Library.
  2. If you have your own IDD please upload it here
  3. Skip this step.

This allows you to customise a template that you have already created. Once you have completed your IDD you can start to enter the new client details in the Fact Find.

Please Note:

Information is uniquely saved in i-map x. When you leave a field that you have edited (providing that the information is correct) it will turn green. For example.

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All the fields are clearly labelled so it is easy to fill in the Fact Find. Once you have completed the first page you will notice that on the left of the screen there is a navigation section which allows you to navigate through the Fact Find.
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If you need to add more than one applicant to the application form then click the green plus symbol next to the first applicant’s name. This will then open up the screen below.

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You can then add your new applicant’s details into the system.

Once the Fact Find has been fully completed click the ‘Click To Validate button and this will tell you which fields you have missed in order to have a valid and compliant Fact Find.

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If the Fact Find has been fully completed the traffic light will go green, you then have the option to send the case to a packager or into trigold. To do this there is a button called Link application. This is located in the top right hand corner of the screen. As shown below:

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Click the link and it will open up the links page. All you have to do then is choose where you want to send the case.

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Just select where you want to send the case and then just click the icon of software or packager.

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